• Motorcycle Riding Guidelines for New Riders

    During warm weather, people choose motorcycle to ride on. They feel fulfilled when they find the right bike for them. It's really fun to twist the throttle but for new riders, you need a lot of information to take in. Before you have fun, you need to start from the basic things you need to keep in mind about riding safe.


    Here's a list of guidelines that you need to remember before you control a motorcycle for the first time:


    First time bicycle riders were taught that they just need to look far into the distance they are heading. That principle applies to motorcycle riding. When you first start riding, you need to fix your eyes on your target. You need to look where you want to go because you will definitely go wherever you are looking at. You don't need to look at the ground up ahead but look far into the distance and see what going around you. If you focus on it, you will keep going that direction.


    When you are approaching corners, this technique is a very important thing. Do not look down the ground somewhere in the middle but look through the corner. Try to look at a median separating the two directions of traffic and any potholes in the road. If there are pieces of someone's junk that have fallen off in the road, you need to avoid such road hazards. Look ahead and anticipate what you'll do if you encounter small animals, children or other pedestrians on the road. Every move you make to let other people see or pay attention to you is important. By simply turning your head as another signal to drivers around you is also a good thing before you turn.


    Defensive driving is vital for you to avoid the risk of having crash and injuries. This is not to scare you off but you need to accept the fact that riding on a motorcycle is more risky than to ride in a car. You really need to watch this kind of risk. You can lessen that risk and you can keep riding long in the future if you learned to defend yourself from potential harm. Keep in mind that you can't control other's steering wheel but what you can control is yours. You can control how you drive and pay attention at every intersection including alleys, drive-thru, parking lots and gas stations. Anywhere you try to enter moving traffic from a stand-still needs your absolute attention. Take note any possible traffic dangers in your way by scanning your head with your eyes. Like anticipating a lane that is merges up ahead. Is there a construction happening ahead or perhaps a truck having some utility work? Learning to anticipate potentially dangerous situations up ahead will let you be ready escape away from them or simply step on your brake as the situation requires. Riding more defensively than you drive prevents you from being sideswiped.


    There are more guidelines to know and learn and you can find them online. You can check websites and simply tap their "click here" buttons.


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